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The Dimples in Golf Balls

For a person who isn’t very familiar with golfing, the dimples or dotted pattern on golf balls have very little significance.

The truth about these dimples is that they play an important role in how far and high golf balls travel or take flight.

Golf balls normally have 330 to 500 dimples depending on how the manufacturer designs their product.
These dimples made their appearance on golf balls when golfers found out that damaged balls could take flight farther than smoother and newer balls. It was discovered that scratches and pierces on the surface of a golf ball factored in their distance and travelling flight. Damaged and beat-up golf balls created layers that allowed passages of air around the ball resulting to turbulence.

Different golf ball companies developed golf numbers with varying numbers of dimples as a test to learn which could make golf balls travel farther and with minimized drag. Now, there are manufacturers who can customize golf balls depending on the swing of the golfer. A professional golfer might have a different dimple pattern than the average golfer.

golf ballA professional golfer can perfectly hit a smooth golf ball without dimples and it would still only go half the distance that a golf ball with dimples can reach. The depths of the dimples manifest on the lift and drag forces of a golf ball. A change in the depth of a dimple can generate extensive difference to the golf ball’s over-all flight path and distance.

Aerodynamics plays a part in designing golf balls now. In aerodynamics, there two kinds of flow that revolves around an object. The laminar flow has less drag because the particles move fluidly without disruption. The laminar flow is also prone to an occurrence called “separation” which allows a drag to emerge due to eddies that builds up in the space. The turbulent flow is a flow of fluid past an entity in which the velocity at a specified point shifts randomly.

Turbulent flow has better cohesion despite having more drag. It also has less bent to separation unlike laminar flow. If a separation easily arises on the shape of an object, it’s better to tabulate the boundary layer for maximize adhesion. This explains how dimpled patterns on a golf ball turbulate the boundary layer. The dimples on golf balls show a parallel process of creating the kind of turbulence in the boundary layer that scratches and slices on early golf balls do. Dimples allow flowing air to trail the ball’s exterior just a bit farther around the back of the ball. Dimpled golf balls have about half of the drag that smooth and plain golf balls possess. The spherical shape is common in dimples but it is possible to modify the aerodynamic capacity of other shapes.

A study between the force a golf club and a golf ball is examined by different scientists and engineers in the industry of golfing to calculate the golf ball’s launch plight or condition. The swift impact of the ball’s flight path is completely navigated by gravity and aerodynamics. In conclusion, the dimple pattern of a golf ball which results to aerodynamic optimization has a critical contribution to the over-all progress of a golf ball.

From an outsider’s point of view, the size and the color of a golf ball are all that have to be considered when buying a ball. The fact that science plays a huge role in determining what type of golf ball you should go for makes golfing even more interesting even to a beginner. It is important to consult a professional’s opinion when determining the type and the pattern of the golf ball that you should use.

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10 things you need to know about military coins

A lot of people still don’t know what military coins are. Well, they’re used by military people mostly, although these days military coins are also used by businesses, especially for recognizing the best efforts put up by their employees. People who are given military coins are exceptional people. They are those who perform better than others. In the military, these are the people who have struggled and survived with flying colors.

If you don’t know anything about military coins, here are few things you need to know:

•    In the old days, military coins come in simple designs. These days, they come in different varieties. Some of them are colorful which makes you prouder to have it. There are also military coins that display 3-dimensional images. Technology made it all possible. Exactly the main reason why businesses also use military coins for their employees who show exemplary performance.

•    Military people know what it means to receive military coins. However, they can never fully appreciate its meaning unless they have actually received it. When you’re awarded with military coins, thattypically means you have accomplished something other people have not. Especially when you got back from a war. Military coins hold significant to the people who have received them for certain accomplishments.

•    It is tradition that those given with military coins should carry it with them at all times.

•    Not all military coins are round. Depending on the organization, some coins resemble animals or objects. It doesn’t matter what form it is so long as it bears the emblem or the logo of the organization.

•    Military coins should not be tampered with. People who have received these coins usually carry it with them in their purse. Some wear it on their neck. However, they shouldn’t do anything on the coin like drilling holes in it. It will invalidate it if it’s tampered with. It should be what it is – a military coin.

•    Not all military coins are expensive. But those with complicated designs usually have precious gems on them. Gold military coins are of course highly expensive compared to those just made of silver, nickel or copper.

•    There is a military coin game. They call it military coin challenge game. It is tradition for coin holders to play this game. There are rules that they need to follow of course. The rules of the game states that: all soldiers need to show their military coins to everyone. A soldier who forgot his military coin will be buying drinks for everyone present during the game. If they refuse to buy drinks for everyone, there are consequences that need to be faced. He may be asked to turn in his military coins. To be on the safe side, it is better for the soldiers to have their military coins with them at all times.


•    Military coins are also given to students or athletes for outstanding performance or service. Some athletes in Northeastern University were given military coins.

•    There are people who sell their military coins. And there are collectors who really buy them for their numismatic value.

•    Police and fire departments also use military coins these days. They mostly give it to people in the department who have achieved something that others haven’t. So, businesses are not the only ones who use military coins, almost all organizations use it these days.

•    A lot of stories have been written about the history of military coins. Some of them are established, some are not. Soldiers have different stories about them, but there really is no clear document that shows the real origin of the military coins. One thing is certain though: military coins are given to people who have achieved something.

There is one important thing to remember about military coins. Sometimes it can save a soldier’s life. During the World War 1, a young soldier’s life was saved because of the military coin that he brought with him.

In the old days, military coins come in simple designs. These days, they come in different varieties. Each design is a unique representation is available on

Uses Of Neck Lanyards

Neck lanyards are straps worn around the neck that is used to hold something. The different people in several places have been using lanyards for identity, security, souvenir and comfort.

Here are some uses of lanyards for different people in their daily lives and some events.

1. Students use lanyards for ID tags and other school events. As part of identifying students in school, they use ID tags with lanyards designed with the name or logo of their school. These lanyards are also especially useful in events like fieldtrip to easily be aware of where the students are. It is helpful to avoid confusion. Lanyards also help organize events like Science fairs, sports festival, cheerleading and other extra-curricular activities that involve large number of people. Teachers and school staff use lanyards for their IDs too for immediate recognition.

2. Lanyards are used to better identify public speakers and seminar givers. There are many people attending seminars and if you are an organizer or attendee, you would want to easily see where the guest speaker is. If you are the speaker, you would want to be identified from the other people as well.

Neck Lanyards3. Wedding attendees use neck lanyards too. Wedding is a big event that can be held indoors and outdoors. In order to enjoy this event, they use lanyard to know who the official attendees are. It is for security and safety of all the guests as well. Custom made lanyards with the names of the bride and the groom makes great wedding souvenir too.

4. In hospitals, lanyards are very useful. They make use of it mainly for ID tags. Sometimes they use lanyards to serve as key holders. They also give lanyards to hold patient identification which is crucial for drug administration. Lanyards can even be used to identify patients with disability. For example, placing a tag that shows the patient cannot talk, therefore approaching the patient using sign language.

5. Police and law enforcers were among those professions that benefits from neck lanyard. Usually, officers clip their badges on lanyards for people to see it better. Lanyards are also used by officers to hold their whistle, night stick or other device that they want to bring with them.

6. In sports, coaches and referees are the ones who commonly use neck lanyards. Coaches use this to identify them from other people since many are using the same clothes or jersey. Referees use their lanyards to hold their whistle giving them easier movement while officiating a game.

7. Different organizations make use of lanyards for fund raising activity. Lanyards selling is a good business especially when it is custom made. For some, they raise funds by selling shirts, fans and of course lanyards. They easily sell it and it is a good gift idea too.

8. Couriers or messengers use lanyards to secure their ID cards, documentation stuff and other small equipment in one place for easy accessibility. Their hands are busy throughout the day and it will take time if they will look for their things in their bags or pockets. Usually their lanyards contain the name of their courier company therefore it serves as advertisement too.

9. Neck lanyards may also be used as water bottle holder. Workers like farmers have their hands and feet busy working the whole day. Their bodies are exposed to too much heat from the sun. The need for a quick access for water is important in this kind of job. Water bottle holders with the help of lanyards are making their lives convenient.

10. Neck lanyards can also take hold of mobile phones. For some people who are always in a hurry and would not want to carry bags with them, lanyards connected to a small pouch is a convenient choice. The small pouch may be a place for mobile phone or money. Wearing the neck lanyard makes it easy to be brought anywhere. When jogging or doing some exercise, having lanyards and a small pouch make life easy because these are handy, hence will not disturb your activities.

Lanyards are well-known for being able to secure different kinds of things, ranging from cards and keys to phones and wallets.Click this wholesalelanyards website for more details about lanyards.

Comparing The Different Types Of Custom Lanyards

Most lanyards are made of polyester. We use 100% polyester to ensure the quality of our custom lanyards. Polyesters are flexible, soft, and durable which made them the perfect material for lanyards. Lanyards can be of different colors, designs, and sizes. The standard lanyard’s length is 38 inches while the width range from 5/8 inch to 1 ½ inches.

Lanyards are also of different types. The most common are Polyester Lanyards, Nylon Lanyards, Woven Lanyards, Tubular Lanyards, and Dye Sublimated Lanyards. Each type has its own strengths and also weaknesses so you have to be careful in choosing one. We will help you figure out which type is best for you.

Polyester Lanyards

This type is the most common. It is referred as the basic lanyard or the default lanyard. It is affordable, durable, and ready for customization. Our polyester lanyards can be silk screen printed with any text, image, or design of your choice. Silk screen printing produces clear, crisp, and long-lasting results.

ID lanyardsWe also have polyester lanyards with ready-made patterns and awesome color combinations. Polyester lanyards are soft and comfortable to wear. They are also durable. This type of custom lanyards is perfect for students and employees who needed a badge holder. We offer our polyester lanyards with free attachments. We have o-rings, split rings, metal J hook, plastic hook, and swivel hook.

Nylon Lanyards

As compared to polyester lanyards, nylon lanyards are more expensive but more attractive. Nylon provides a glossy effect on the lanyard. Together with silk screen printing, nylon lanyards can produce a standout print. This is why they are the best choice for product launches. They can make your printed business name appear striking and definitely eye catching.

Our nylon lanyards can also cater the fashionable you. We can print your name in its surface and add extra blings to shine it even more. These custom lanyards are also more durable that the basic ones.

Tubular Lanyards

Tubular lanyards are also referred as tube lanyards or shoe-lace lanyards. These are also made of high class polyester materials. The process of making them is however different from polyester lanyards. Here, the material is tube-stitched. They are the same in terms of the application of the design as well as the design capacity.

You can choose whatever font style and image you like to be imprinted in the lanyards’ surfaces. Tube lanyards are the softest choice and the most comfortable to wear.

Woven Lanyards

Woven lanyards are the most different among all these common lanyard types. First, the material is woven to create the lanyards. Second, the design will also be woven together with the polyester. Because of this, you cannot customize a ready-made woven lanyard. We need to know your design first before we produce your woven lanyards. Lastly, there is a limitation with regards to their design.

Our woven lanyards can only accommodate small texts. They are ideal for school names, business names, or organization names. They are not ideal for intricate designs, logos, and images. Complex fonts and designs will not appear legible or clear when applied to these custom lanyards.

Dye Sublimated Lanyards

This is the most durable type of lanyards. They are also called heavy-duty lanyards. To apply the given design, we die each molecule of the dye sublimated lanyards. As a result, the design will be bolder, clearer, and most accurate. Dye sublimation can produce realistic images. Your color selection for this type of lanyards is unlimited!

Dye sublimated lanyards is not as affordable as the basic lanyards but we assure you that the price you pay will be worth it.

If your priority is the affordability, we give you three choices: polyester lanyards, tubular lanyards, and woven lanyards. If the design is more important to you, you should choice either nylon lanyards or dye sublimated lanyards. What we can guarantee is that whichever type you choose, it will be of premium quality.

We also have special custom lanyards that you can purchase if ever you are opting for something different and unique.

Why Do Lawyers Charge Higher to Modify a Loan?

Long Island loan modification is the act of requesting from the bank/lender, to add, alter, remove, substantial terms and conditions in a contract of loan. For purposes of this article, we will assume that this refers to a housing loan. What exactly do lawyers do that make their service more expensive, than say, internet based providers who offer to negotiate your loan for you, usually at half the price, or eBooks that cost $10 to $100?


Loan Document Audit 

Lawyers will require you to provide a copy of your loan documents as a basis for your loan modification. Should you not have any, they will get a copy from the bank or lender. They will then perform a thorough auditing of the loan documents and cross reference the same with your financial records. Lawyers will look for gaps in the law. Anything that the bank/lender might have breached i.e. excessive loan costs, lack of full disclosure, an increase of more than 10% from initial to final offer, etc.

File a Case and Reply in Court 

Granted, non law firms also perform an audit for loan modification. The problem is, they lack the necessary knowledge to make a full assessment. Even assuming they do find any lapses in the law; they lack the necessary license to file a suit. If they insist on contesting the legality of the loan documents, then banks/lenders are sure to elevate the matter. Can third party providers promise to file a reply in court? Do they have the necessary knowledge to contest legal technicalities that banks/lenders will raise regarding your Long Island loan modification? No they can’t and they won’t.

Even if they do forward your loan modification to a lawyer or firm, no lawyer will rely on the findings of a non lawyer. They will insist on making another audit. This means more time is wasted, and you just paid for an audit 2x. This is only natural because no lawyer or firm will risk their good standing and their license on the say so of a third person.

Confidentiality Agreement 

Another reason why it is better to consult with attorneys for your Long Island loan modification is because they are bound by their profession to keep everything they know 100% confidential. The penalty for breaching confidentiality is suspension, disbarment and/or hefty fines. It is only logical that no lawyer will risk their good standing for a grand or two. This is especially because lawyers and law firms have well established contact details and office locations.

On the other hand, some internet based Long Island loan modification providers have small operations within the state, and outsource some, if not all of the work. This means your confidential, personal and financial information i.e. social security number, full name, address, contact number, credit card information, bank statements, etc. will be seen and recorded in several venues. This increases the likelihood that the same will be leaked, making you susceptible to identity theft and credit card fraud.

Case in point, several years ago, there was this company that had the audacity to call themselves Federal Housing Aid (FHA). This was planned to simulate authority. They purported to help distressed home owners, save their homes by filing for loan modification. They utilized a home address within a certain US state, as their business address. But 99% of the operation was outsourced in Asia. The company was a scam. Their CEO was prosecuted, tried and found guilty of multiple counts of fraud. The only thing they did was to send out a pro forma (fill in the blanks) request for loan modification. Those who got approved could have done so themselves. Those who got disapproved could have been better off hiring a law firm that can provide alternative remedies.

Alternative Remedies 

In case your Long Island Loan Modification fails, a law firm can provide you with other options. More importantly, these options can be utilized as soon as possible. This is because, for some individuals, the denial of a loan modification is tantamount to eviction.